Enterprise Performance Management

Rayburn specialises in the implementation of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions with a thorough understanding of how all the EPM methodologies not only integrate but inform each other reciprocally to provide Strategic and Operational insight and simulation.

EPM has been adopted as a set of methodologies and implemented most often in silo’s or in an “integrated” manner that only considers the cross-utilisation of metadata. EPM in its most effective form allows for the interoperability of information across these platforms to allow for the effective implementation of corporate strategy throughout the entire business – an approach that Rayburn has a thorough understanding and vast experience in. “Rayburn leverages the various methodologies, applications and best practices within EPM to provide a complete range of industry leading advisory and consulting services”. Our advantage over typical advisory and consulting services is that we first and foremost adopt a strong integrated business methodology approach, and accompany this with leading technical expertise to accurately enable technology to support the business design.